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Gabriele Kushi, BFA, MEA, CHC, AADP is the founder and director of Kushi's Kitchen (www.KushisKitchen.com) with studios in Minneapolis and NYC. She is the author of Embracing Menopause Naturally (Square One Publishers), Eleven Macrobiotic Natural Foods Cooking DVDs, and her new book she co-authored with Michio Kushi, The Macrobiotic Kitchen in Ten Easy Steps.(Also available in German)

Gabriele is a board-certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Health Coach, a certified Macrobiotic teacher, counselor and chef, and a certified yoga teacher. Gabriele Kushi stays emerged in research, is well aware of popular diet/food trends, and incorporates sustainable, global, local and spiritual awareness to provide a well-rounded and female wisdom approach in her work. 

A Level 4 graduate of the Kushi Institute USA (1979), she also received 3 years of advanced training in the early 80th as a teacher and counselor from the Institute’s founders and international macrobiotic leaders, Michio and Aveline Kushi. She is also the daughter-in-law of Michio and Aveline Kushi. Gabriele's macrobiotic studies include the philosophy, anatomy, physiology, cooking, healing, oriental diagnosis and health evaluation, Shiatsu massage, Do-In, palm healing, and teaching. She also became a board-certified Holistic Health Practitioner in 2008 after graduating at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in conjunction with Columbia University Teachers College, New York, NY. In 2015, she graduated from the Devanadi School of Yoga and Wellness.

She has dedicated her life to the healing arts, with special focus on the macrobiotic system and its one peaceful world tradition, indigenous and alternative healing, yoga, sustainability, and the support of these arts by sound research. Gabriele has educated people from all over the world and all walks of life on how to become healthier and more self-reliant by choosing natural foods and sustain conscious lifestyles. She has helped many of her clients to change their lifestyles, worked with serious regenerative illnesses, and is a menopause specialist. She addresses the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, as she believes that concerns are rooted on more than one level. Gabriele Kushi stays emerged in research, is well aware of popular diet/food trends, and incorporates sustainable, global, local and spiritual awareness to provide a well-rounded and female wisdom approach in her work. 

Gabriele received the 2009 Aveline Kushi award for her dedication and work in macrobiotics, and is on the advisory board of Earth Save International. She teams up with Native American medicine women as well as healers and spiritual teachers in Europe, Japan, Mexico, Middle America, the United States, India, and Africa. She volunteer teaches yoga and macrobiotic cooking at the Gilda Cancer Club in Minneapolis.  

Gabriele was born in Germany, and lives in the United States. Her Kushi's Kitchen studio is in Minneapolis and she has a branch with her daughter Angelica Kushi in NYC. Her sessions and study programs are available long-distance via Skype and phone. Contact her here.


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Book: Embracing Menopause Naturally

Book: The Macrobiotic Kitchen in 10 easy Steps (also available in German)

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