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Einführung in die makrobiotische Küche in 10 leichten Schritten 
Gesund essen im 21. Jahrhundert mit Farb. Fotos, Autor: Gabriele Kushi mit Michio Kushi



















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At Kushi's Kitchen we love spiritual awareness and living in harmony with nature while embracing Macrobiotics, Yoga, Ayurveda and sound research.

Naturally you want to support a long and healthy life with a strong balanced nutritional base. In your Kitchen this means to emphasize traditional and sustainable grown foods.
In this busy world we live in learning how to successfully incorporate good foods like whole grains, greens, root and round land vegetables, sea vegetables, legumes, beans and bean products, fermented foods, fruits, seeds, nuts and oils does take only a small effort from you, and soon you are a pro in providing the right nutrient dense food for your self and the people you love and care about.
These foods eaten support your spiritual and peaceful mind and are a strong base for a dynamic and healthy lifestyle. Research confirms that these foods may prevent sickness, aggression and disharmony.

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Read what doctors and artists say about my book on natural Menopause:

Christiane Northrup, MD, Author
"Gabriele Kushi's book Embracing Menopause Naturally is a beautiful, useful, and inspiring companion during the menopausal transition."

Bonnie Raitt, Musician/Activist
"Gabriele makes in her book Embracing Menopause Naturally a clear and valuable case for treating menopause the natural, macrobiotic way. The accompanying stories and easy recipes make this a welcome contribution to the literature about this very rich and often misunderstood time in a woman's life."

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