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Programs include private sessions with Gabriele Kushi via phone, What's Up, Skye or Zoom. 

Gabriele Kushi's programs include counseling sessions to provide you clarity and insights, on how to achieve physical endurance, and the wellness you are looking for. 

Gabriele Kushi's supports your lifestyle and nutrition concerns and provides you with sound support on how to successfully achieve your goals and fine-tuning your innate ability to wellness.   Her Long-Distance_Wellness_Programs include personal coaching sessions, downloadable macrobiotic study materials; like the 5-element theory & yin yang teachings, as well as many balanced macrobiotic recipes, plus downloadable vegan/macro cooking videos, and unlimited E-mail support during the program.

"With Gabriele’s help and guidance, healthy natural and whole foods have become the center of my diet and lifestyle and this way of life has become my new ‘normal’. I look forward to continuing working with her and am grateful to have her as my teacher and counselor." Cindy Lehman, Intuitive/Teacher, MN

"Gabriele Kushi's teaching style is a rare combination of great precision and organization, yet nurturing support of the student." Charles R. NYC

1O-Sessions Long-distance_Wellness_Program:

Do you want to make lasting lifestyle changes or boost your wellness and macrobiotic lifestyle?  Then this Home-Study wellness program which includes 10-private one-hour sessions with Gabriele Kushi, held about every 2 weeks or at your convenience, is the best way to reach your goals. During each session Gabriele will answer your questions, guide and evaluate your studies, cooking practice and your progress in reaching your goals. 

  • This program provides introduction to 10-macrobiotic food groups and sustainable lifestyle teachings 
  • About Every 2 week: Private one hour phone or Skype session with Gabriele Kushi
  • About Every 2 week: New session handouts and study material sent via e-mail
  • During the 2 weeks the student studies handout materials, cooks recipes & watches cooking videos.
  • One food group per session with recipes, and cooking videos. 
  • The macrobiotic yin yang system, the 5-Energy Transformation Theory, & the 5-Elements
  • Sustainable lifestyle handouts 
  • Natural food guidelines, pyramids, and the macrobiotic plate will be studied.
  • Nutritional, alternative, and holistic research material
  • Unlimited E-mail support during your program

Optional Studies not included are: Yoga therapy, Ayurvedic Body Type System, Metabolic Type, Blood Type,

Recommended Reading 
The Macrobiotic Kitchen in Ten Easy Steps
Embracing Menopause Naturally (with over 40 natural foods recipes)

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THE 5-SESSIONS Long-Distance Wellness_PROGRAM:

Talk with Gabriele

for further information about each program, and how best to reach your goals.

She offers a 30 minute free session.


"Gabriele Kushi carries with her the light of her teachers, that of traditional macrobiotics woven with an expansive knowledge of other cultures and philosophies. Her program has truly been a wonderful gift. She’s been a valuable “health coach,” guiding me toward more healthful changes in my food, cooking and lifestyle ... and in a much more gentle manner than I normally do for myself. Gabriele also possesses a keen intuition and unique blend of structure and flexibility—critical skills when coaching a menopausal woman over a six-month time frame!"     Lisa Solwold, MN

"After a 25-year gap from studying macrobiotics, I was fortunate to discover Gabriele Kushi and take advantage of her incredible storehouse of knowledge. She offers a very comprehensive, detailed program to allow the student to progress at his/her own speed. Prior to each session, she emailed an incredible selection of appropriate materials, in my cases on, vegetables, grains, beans, root vegetables and sea vegetables. She also included a vast array of materials about life-style suggestions and aids to help me process all the changes I was making. Her teaching style is a rare combination of great precision and organization, yet nurturing support of the student. The program was challenging and very worthwhile. With Mrs. Kushi’s support I was able to re-establish my practice. I am particularly appreciative that she recognized that my needs were pretty unique and she adapted her program to help me learn at my own pace. This was accomplished over the phone, through videos and e-mails. I would welcome the opportunity to study with this master and gifted teacher in person." Charles R. NYC





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