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Integrative Macrobiotic Counseling and Health Coaching
Worldwide available via Skype, phone, in person or What's Up with follow-up E-mail support. 

As your Integrative Health Coach and Macrobiotic Counselor I am a supportive mentor helping you feel your best through food and lifestyle changes with individualized tailored wellness program to meet your needs.

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2-hour Integrative Macrobiotic Session

Woman Self Care Counseling Session

1-hour Follow-Up Session

5-hour Session Study Program

10-hour Session Study Program

  • Author Gabriele Kushi is trained in all the modern dietary theories and learned about a variety of lifestyle methods while studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the Kushi Institute and Devanadi Yoga Institute. She draws on these studies and weaves if needed her indigenous healing work to assist you in creating a completely personalized “roadmap to wellness” that suits your unique body type, lifestyle, and goals. 

Your Benefits:

  • Find the the root cause of your concerns.
  • Fine-tuning, enhancing and securing your wellness.
  •  Facial readings, Kinesiology testing, Macrobiotic yin-yang testing, Ayurveda Dosha testing, & women's wisdom ways.


"The Sessions with Gabriele Kushi's was exactly what I needed. Four months later I have normal cholesterol, far fewer migraines and my arthritis feels manageable. I’ve lost on average two pounds a month without dieting. I have so much more energy and clarity. With Gabriele’s help and guidance, healthy whole foods have become the center of my diet and lifestyle and this way of life has become my new ‘normal’. I look forward to continuing to work with her for additional support and learning and am grateful to have her as my teacher and counselor."   Cindy Lehman, Intuitive/Teacher, Minnesota. 

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"The Macrobiotic Kitchen in Ten Easy Steps is the definitive guide to healthful eating. Engaging and clearly written, it shows step by step how to transition to a new way of thinking about food. It will change your life."
Neal D.Barnard, MD

Gabriele's book "Embracing Menopause Naturally is a beautiful, useful and inspiring companion during the menopausal transition." Christiane Northrup, MD

Long-distance Wellness Programs,Cooking Programs & Cooking Videos help you to be more self-reliant by choosing the right natural foods for your goals and sustain conscious lifestyle choices.




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