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Macrobiotic Counseling and Integrative Health Coaching
Available via Zoom, Skype, phone, or What's Up with follow-up E-mail support. 

As a certified Integrative Health Coach and Macrobiotic Counselor I am your supportive mentor helping you feel your best through food and lifestyle changes with my individualized tailored wellness counseling and program to meet your needs.

Your Benefits:

2-hour Macrobiotic Counseling Session with Gabriele Kushi

  • Find the the root cause of your concerns.
  • Fine-tuning, enhancing and securing your wellness.
  • Facial readings, Kinesiology testing, Macrobiotic yin-yang testing, Ayurveda Dosha testing
  • Recipes, home-remedies and lifestyle handouts tailored to your goals via e-mail
  • Free Macro-Vegan Videos

Woman's Special Care Counseling (2 hours with Gabriele Kushi)

As women we experience many hormonal changes in our time on earth.  To name a few: menarche and the monthly moon cycles, pregnancy, natural or chemical or surgically induced menopause, and elder wisdom needs. When you experience these events you will often have challenging side effects and need to address and replenish the appropriate nutrients on a daily basis. The most effective way to do this is through the food you eat and absorb.

In a woman care counseling session, Gabriele Kushi provides you with oriental, Kinesiology, and yin-yang techniques to answer your questions. She will address your concerns and provides easy-to-follow educational lifestyle and food guidelines for fine-tuning and enhancing your innate and natural ability to wellness.

The sessions will provide you with individualized recommendations for all the food-groups, as well as lifestyle adjustments needed to make a lifestyle change and to reach your wellness goals. A recipe information package will be available for you after the session.

These sessions are for new and advanced students and clients who want a private counseling session with Gabriele.

Talk with Gabriele personally to find out if this is the right session for you. Request a complimentary session now!


1-hour Follow-Up Session

5-hour Session Study Program - a 3 month program

10-hour Session Study Program - a 6 month program

Testimonials: "The Sessions with Gabriele Kushi's was exactly what I needed. Four months later I have normal cholesterol, far fewer migraines and my arthritis feels manageable. I’ve lost on average two pounds a month without dieting. I have so much more energy and clarity. With Gabriele’s help and guidance, healthy whole foods have become the center of my diet and lifestyle and this way of life has become my new ‘normal’. I look forward to continuing to work with her for additional support and learning and am grateful to have her as my teacher and counselor."   Cindy Lehman, Intuitive/Teacher, Minnesota.



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