Private Macrobiotic Counseling Session with Gabriele Kushi


You will receive sound inspiration and educate you as you grow beyond old eating and lifestyle patterns.You get full time support, as you make simple but powerful adjustments. You will realize dramatically improved health, greater enjoyment from eating, and the confidence that comes from knowing how.

What are all the benefits for you!
  1. During the 2-hour consultation you will receive an assessment with oriental evaluation, Kinesiology, and yin-yang techniques.
  2. We will address your concerns and start from where you are and I will guide you where you need to go. That means personalized health-supportive foods specific to your goals.
  3. You will get a recipe starter booklet with quick, easy and delicious natural foods for all macrobiotic food groups.
  4. You will get easy-to-follow educational guidelines for fine-tuning and enhancing your innate and natural ability to wellness.
  5. This private session will provide an overview of all the food-groups needed to make a lifestyle change.
  6. This session if for anyone, who wants a private counseling session with me.
  7. You will learn how to lose weight naturally, and figure out your binge triggers and disarm them.

Sessions are available now - click to pre-pay with pay-pal.

Meet for the session in person or at the phone, or skype.
In person sessions will be offered while traveling to specific locations and in NYC and Minneapolis aera.

Or request your complimentary session with me first to find out if this is the right session for you?


Recommended are the following educational tools for your studies:

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* Recommended reading with over 40 natural foods recipes: “Embracing Menopause Naturally”

Can one conversation change your life? 

When was the last time someone really listened to you?

I offer you a free session with me. Let's find out how I can best assist you in reaching your lifestyle and nutrition goals. Request your complimentary session now.

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Gabriele's book ”Embracing Menopause Naturally" is for women of all ages.

Gabriele Kushi provides support for the Transformation of all women - before - during mid-life, and well into her wise woman age.

You will learn form the stories of women with diverse cultural background, as well as the cutting edge scientific research, herbal and natural nutrition wisdom, and over 40 tasty recipes that nurture all ages.

 ”Embracing Menopause Naturally" is a beautiful, useful, and inspiring companion during the menopausal transition.”

Dr. Christiane Northrup, MD

 "Gabriele makes a clear and valuable case for treating menopause the natural, macrobiotic way. The accompanying stories and easy recipes make this a welcome contribution to the literature about this very rich and often misunderstood time in a woman's life."

Bonnie Raitt, Musician/Activist


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