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Counseling and Health Coaching TESTIMONIALS:

"Gabriele Kushi carries with her the light of her teachers, that of traditional macrobiotics woven with an expansive knowledge of other cultures and philosophies. Her 6-month program has truly been a wonderful gift. She’s been a valuable “health coach,” guiding me toward more healthful changes in my food, cooking and lifestyle ... and in a much more gentle manner than I normally do for myself. Gabriele also possesses a keen intuition and unique blend of structure and flexibility—critical skills when coaching a menopausal woman over a six-month time frame!"
Lisa Solwold, Minnesota

Gabriele's approach for me was just right. She presented a deeper understanding of not just foods & their proper usage and combination, but showed a more holistic approach to living. We dug deeper to find approaches that worked for me, added in commitments to exercise (I'm doing a triathlon with my daughter in a few weeks). I remember our first session, she asked what was the "primary food" & I didn't know what to say. She simply said "Love" & I knew I was going to learn a lot with a great sense of balance. Gabriele is pragmatic & philosophical, even spiritual in her reverence for preparing & teaching me how to change the way I was approaching food. She brought her amazing gift of knowledge to me in such a way as to very sensitively show me things I felt she uniquely tailored just for me, after listening & asking in depth questions about me, my diet, life & goals. There was excellent communication and a good balance of practical and the theoretical suggestions! I heartily recommend her to folks who want to step up several notches in their health & wellness. Thank you Gabriele!  Ken B, Minneapolis, MN

"During the menopausal years it is essential to evaluate and consider lifestyle choices and make necessary changes. With so much information from so many sources it can often be difficult to discern the right choices and then even more daunting to make them happen. Through her 6-month program, Gabriele brings a wealth of valuable knowledge about nutrition and lifestyle to foster a new healthy way to live through this time of transition and beyond. Gabriele provides a foundation on which to build change through excellent information, one-on-one guidance, targeted solutions and encouragement. Her work is powerful but gentle. And, most important, it is truly transformative.
Michelle E. Minneapolis, MN Artist 

"In Gabriele's 6-month course, I addressed issues on a deeper level than I have ever been able to before. As a result of that, I feel I am on a healing path that is deeply satisfying instead of just desperately trying to cover up my fatal flaws and pretending everything is great."
Michele L. Minneapolis, MN

              In April of last year, I realized it was time to clean up my diet. A number of health problems prompted me to look into Macrobiotics. I had tried to shift my eating to this diet years ago, but failed. I wanted to try again, but wasn’t sure where to begin. I bought a few books and ended up taking a Miso soup class with Gabriele Kushi. Gabriele was fun and made creating delicious Miso soups look so easy. I talked to her afterward, and found out she offered Nutritional Counseling Programs and that we could work together to set up a program that worked for me. I had a free initial consultation where I brought my questions, and a small hope beginning to grow, that maybe, just maybe, I really could make this change.
I signed up for the 12-session study program with Gabriele Kushi and it has been exactly what I needed. We meet every other week, with videos and email support keeping me on track. With Gabriele’s support and vast knowledge of macrobiotics, I slowly began to change my eating. I began introducing greens into my diet and preparing recipes from Gabriele that were healthy and satisfying. Gabriele helped me to learn about and prepare and eat fresh, natural whole foods. As I introduced these foods into my daily eating, I ate less of the processed fast foods that most of my diet had consisted of. Soon I was preparing more varieties of foods and learning to eat them consciously.
I grew up in a family of guys, and we all ate like lumberjacks practically swallowing our food whole. But the way I was eating was making me sick with arthritis, high cholesterol and migraines. As I continued to learn from Gabriele, the foods that were making me sick became obvious and I eliminated them. She encouraged me when I got discouraged and overwhelmed, and I learned to keep working on it.
Four months later I have normal cholesterol, far fewer migraines and my arthritis feels manageable. I’ve lost on average two pounds a month without dieting. I have so much more energy and clarity. With Gabriele’s help and guidance, healthy whole foods have become the center of my diet and lifestyle and this way of life has become my new ‘normal’. I look forward to continuing to work with her for additional support and learning and am grateful to have her as my teacher and counselor.
Cindy Lehman, Intuitive/Teacher, Minnesota.

"After a 25-year gap from studying macrobiotics, I was fortunate to discover Gabriele Kushi and take advantage of her incredible storehouse of knowledge. She offers a very comprehensive, detailed program to allow the student to progress at his/her own speed. Prior to each session, she emailed an incredible selection of appropriate materials, in my cases on, vegetables, grains, beans, root vegetables and sea vegetables. She also included a vast array of materials about life-style suggestions and aids to help me process all the changes I was making. Her teaching style is a rare combination of great precision and organization, yet nurturing support of the student. The program was challenging and very worthwhile. With Ms. Kushi’s support I was able to re-establish my practice and empowered to seek out other resources to continue my study. I am particularly appreciative that she recognized that my needs were pretty unique and she adapted her program to help me learn at my own pace. All of this was accomplished over the phone, through videos and e-mails. I would welcome the opportunity to study with this master and gifted teacher in person." Charles R. NYC

Just prior to starting my 12-Session Study Program with Gabriele, I was entering peri-menopause.  I worked with Gabriele over a 10 month period to complete my studies.  During this time I slowly embraced the Macrobiotic lifestyle into my daily life step by step.  As a result, I lost 13 pounds in the early months and have maintained my weight for many.  I feel generally mentally and emotionally stable, and I became highly aware of my body and how to support it to feel its best. 
Also, much to my surprise, person after person (both women and men) feel compelled to tell me that I look “really great”.  After many repeated instances of this, I was perplexed how strongly people were responding to my appearance.  So, I began to question each person to find out what they were specifically referring to.   Aside from just the weight loss impact, they described this change in me as “You glow with health” or “Your aura has changed”.  In all my life, I have never had so many people consistently remark on my appearance in such a unique way even after losing that much weight and more in the past. 
At 48 years old, I feel better than I have since my youth and more inspired by life and the promise of the future.  Obtaining and maintaining this overall health and well-being during the peri-menopause years by working with Gabriele to implement the Macrobiotic lifestyle is absolutely amazing to say the least.
Kandrea J, Minnesota

Book Testimonial:

"Gabriele makes a clear and valuable case for treating menopause the natural, macrobiotic way. The accompanying stories and easy recipes make this a welcome contribution to the literature about this very rich and often misunderstood time in a woman's life."

Bonnie Raitt, Musician/Activist

”Embracing Menopause Naturally is a beautiful, useful, and inspiring companion during the menopausal transition.

Christiane Northrup, MD, author of The Wisdom of Menopause (Bantam, 2001, 2010).


"Gabriele has written a friendly, upbeat book on menopause and its natural management. She also provides some very encouraging and inspiring stories of powerful women and how they have dealt with the change."

Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D., author of Food and Healing (Ballantine Books, 1996), Founder of The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in NYC.

"I was reading your book Embracing Menopause Naturally last night, and it helped a lot. I'm 47 and "it's happening"... I had a very nice cry reading what you wrote about stopping your own cycle as your daughter started her own. My daughter is 12, and hasn't begun, but it's likely that it's right around the corner for her. I cried in mourning of the loss of her carefree girlhood and the loss of my carefully cultivated "bombshell hood," as I transition into the role of mature woman. It's time.
I just wanted to tell you how much it helped to read other women's stories. Menopause is not the kind of thing you ever really think you're going through alone, but it's a huge gift to have the wisdom of so many women available to me all at once at 11:00 at night! So thanks, and blessings to you for the work you've done and the woman you are."

                                                                    Rebecca Smith, author of Divine Connection without Distraction

“This is the first book on menopause that includes a macrobiotic perspective. Not only that, but the stories in the book illustrate many conditions women may encounter during this change of life. The recipes are wonderful, and will be of help for every woman’s next stage of womanhood.”

Mayumi Nishimura – Madonna's personal macrobiotic chef,
Author of  Mayumi's Kitchen: Macrobiotic Cooking for Body and Soul


“Gabriele Kushi has a unique ability to see and inspire health and beauty. Her wisdom and experience as a macrobiotic counselor, woven with the stories and images of many other women, make this book an invaluable companion on the journey through the change of life.” Nina Utne, Chair, Utne Magazine


Women helping women is the wise Woman Way and the book you hold is one of the most beautiful expressions of this way I have seen. Open it; read these women’s stories, look into their faces. You will see the Goddess in Her many guises. You will recognize yourself. Let yourself be guided by their wisdom -- and the wise words of Mrs. Kushi – into that great mystery, that metamorphosis we call menopause. This book will gladden your heart, enrich your mind, and even fill you belly with powerful word nourishment. I recommend it highly.”

Susun S. Weed, author of New Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way.

“Approaching menopause from a macrobiotic perspective is brilliant! If the macrobiotic principles can cure some types of cancer, imagine how healing this will be for a natural life-cycle change such as menopause. I highly recommend Gabriele Kushi's book!

Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D. NY Times bestselling author of Before the Change and the Fat Flush Plan.

“The natural world around teaches us health and harmony if we but listen. Gabrielle’s wonderful book helps us focus on these messages and use the healing of Mother Earth as we pass into Moon-Pause and the powerful Grandmother Lodge, a very special and powerful time for women. Her book is practical, informative, and inspiring. Read it, go into the experience with knowledge rather than misinformation, and enjoy this remarkable transition!”

Brooke Medicine Eagle, author of Buffalo Woman Comes Singing

"The portraits of the 21 women sharing their menopausal experience in Gabriele Kushi’s new book, Embracing Menopause Naturally, provided an understanding, compassion and empathy for older women who up to that point had been closed to me. This shared wisdom is a treasure for me, and I hope for other men as well. I only wish that a book at some point might be written about a similar transition that men go through."

Cal Appleby- Recipient of the Virginia McKnight Binger Human Services Award- Meditation instructor in prisons and other places where people experience challenging life circumstances

"Ms. Kushi's book Embracing Menopause Naturally will be a welcome friend to any woman going through her mid-life transformation. By partaking in the stories of other women, you learn that there are common elements that present themselves, but that Menopause is a unique and very personal time of change and growth. The factual information, recipes and general advice provide excellent companions on the journey."

Marie Olofsdotter Artist, Illustrator, Teaching Artist

 “I loved your book on menopause Gabriele.  The individual stories were wonderful, and I am sharing your book with several of my friends.  We keep a copy at our learning center too.”       Lista, Ki of Life Learning Center

"I thought your book was wonderful, I read it all right away. It was good timing for me to read it, as I am on that inevitable path. Your stories and the others were very inspirational." Linda Redmond, Minnetonka


"Congratulations. I really loved how you involved so many interesting people in the book. Well done".

Marjorie B. Herdes Co-President, Mobius Inc.


"Gabriele's book "Embracing Menopause Naturally" is a great guide for any female, as the recipes and health tips will promote physical well-being, whether in preparation for menopause or to maintain one's health in later years. But what really touched me, were the "Stories & Portraits of Menopausal Women" woven throughout the book. I cried and laughed as they shared their sorrows and triumphs over the facts of life. I was encouraged by their honesty, strength, and perseverance. What a great sisterhood we have!

Dottie Roseboom, Peoria, Illinois - Full-time human being



“Gabriele’s Macrobiotic cooking class was a wonderful introduction to the world of macrobiotics. Gabriele is very knowledgeable and the atmosphere very calming. The recipe choices were nicely applicable to the season, and options and suggestions were given. And the food was so tasty.” Kim Balcos, Minnesota


“Gabriele what a wonderful class you teach with ease, knowledge and grace. The food looked beautiful and tasted delicious. The energy of your class is creative, fun and inviting. It was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to my next adventure with your class.” Namaste Sharon Peters, Minnesota


“Gabriele gave excellent instructions with a wealth of knowledge about the history of macrobiotics and the way to cook for today.” Nancy Shifflet, Minnesota


“I can see Gabriele enjoys her cooking with a lighthearted flare, and so did I. She is funny, interesting and incredibly knowledgeable. And oh, the food tastes so good. I learned a lot. I’ve been into macrobiotics to varying degrees for many years…yet I went deeper.” Joel Peters, Minnesota


“I give an A+ for this informal, relaxed class on the basics of macrobiotic cooking. It was extremely helpful to see the food being cooked and the end product - which we ate - was fantastic.”     Mari Hamilton, Minnesota


"Gabrielle has a complete and exceptional understanding of Macrobiotic cooking, philosophy, and healing. It has been such a pleasure and inspiration to have Gabriele cook for my family. The meals are always wonderful and are of an endless variety. I am also fortunate enough to call Gabriele a dear friend."

Linda Redmond, Minnetonka, MN


"Gabriele Kushi’s excellent food is creative, tasty and well balanced."                        Steve Raitt, Studio Artist


"Gabriele Kushi's macrobiotic dinners are a great way to spend an evening eating delicious, nutritious food with congenial people you either already know or somehow just barely missed getting to know in the past. If you like macrobiotics, this is your community." Matthew Wood - Herbalist/Author, Minnesota


“I have been involved with macrobiotics for 25 years or longer but have yet to taste better food, including Macrobiotic fare, than what Gabriele prepared in South Minneapolis many years ago! When we move back to the Twin Cities, we will certainly take consulting as well as cooking classes from her.”

Dr. Ali Khan - Classical and Combination Homeopath





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