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Welcome to Kushi's Kitchen                      

Kushi's Kitchen is a green studio with worldwide training and coaching services via Skype/Phone, and in person. My well-rounded female wisdom approach to natural food and sustainable lifestyle solutions further wellness and provide you with valuable teachings on how to live peacefully in harmony with nature.

"When I started my wellness journey with Macrobiotics it was "love at the first bite" and an appreciation for the "yin-yang" philosophy. I continue to study the "Healing Arts" to make conscious wellness choices to benefit the planet, myself and my clients.

I enjoy assisting you to solving your issues with my training - coaching - cooking shows - books, and my volunteer services.  

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Testimonials: "Kushi's Kitchen is comparable to the best Macrobiotic schools." Anna M. cooking teacher and personal chef, MA 

“Gabriele’s six-month long distance Macrobiotic Wellness Program was a deep and powerful experience for me both in regards to physical health and in regards to tapping more deeply into my own intuition and understanding of self. I will carry with me for years to come the very practical knowledge of macrobiotics and yoga she imparted. Looking back, having worked with her so closely for such an extended period of time, allowed me to integrate macrobiotics as a holistic lifestyle into my every day living. In this way, she crafted our sessions and coaching to truly meet the needs of my body and soul. I am very grateful for her outstanding counsel!”  Sarah H, Montana, USA


Click to view how to easily make your own Tofu Cheese.
With the enzymatic power of miso this Tofu Cheese provides an easy to digest complete vegan protein. Eat it on a slice of cucumber, on a sandwich, or with whole grains and vegetables.

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Fermented Vegetables and Pickles with Gabriele Kushi 



The Natural Food movement has been influenced by the Macrobiotic yin and yang lifestyle and whole food teachings since the early 1950th.  The Smithsonian Archives can provide you with further information on the influence of Macrobiotics and Michio and Aveline Kushi contribution to the natural food movement in the US.  

What is Macrobiotics?

Macrobiotics, noun, (used with a singular verb)
1. a way of life that guides one's choices in nutrition, activity, and lifestyle.

2. a system of principles and practices of harmony to benefit the body, mind, and planet.

– macrobiotic, adj., such as macrobiotic philosophy or macrobiotic diet.

Origin: from Ancient Greek: Macro (large or long) and Bios (life or way of living).

(Definition agreed upon by the International Macrobiotic Conference 2017 in Berlin, with 45 macrobiotic teachers, along with GOMF, SHI, Macrobiotic Association, IMP, IME, Chi Energy, IMS, Kushi's Kitchen and other schools, institutes, and organizations)

"The Macrobiotic Kitchen in Ten Easy Steps is the definitive guide to healthful eating. Engaging and clearly written, it shows step by step how to transition to a new way of thinking about food. It will change your life."
Neal D.Barnard, MD

Gabriele's book "Embracing Menopause Naturally is a beautiful, useful and inspiring companion during the menopausal transition." Christiane Northrup, MD

Long-distance Wellness Programs,Cooking Programs & Cooking Videos help you to be more self-reliant by choosing the right natural foods for your goals and sustain conscious lifestyle choices.



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