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Private Macrobiotic Cooking Classes 
Inquire about References - Sample Menus - Quotes for Private Macrobiotic Cooking Classes 

During a private cooking class with Gabriele Kushi's you learn about the powerful benefits of a seasonal yin-yang balanced natural food kitchen. 

DESCRIPTION: Enjoy a private one on one cooking class with Gabriele and get all your questions answered. She will demonstrate how easy it is to include natural foods dishes into your lifestyle. Complementary yin-yang teachings and Healing with Food™ tips will revamp and strengthen your desire for good food. Enjoy the taste of delicious natural foods dishes and good teachings. Receive recipes and lots of inspiration for your own kitchen and home-cooked meals.

You will learn to create macrobiotic meals and taste delicious food and learn:

  • how to prepare natural foods the right way
  • how to have a arrange a menu for the seasons
  • prepare whole grains the right way
  • take the green leafy vegetables challenge
  • embrace mineral and vitamin rich vegetables from sea and land
  • include seeds, nuts, beans, and legumes and feel comfortable that you get enough "protein" if you are       vegan
  • prepare your desserts with local fruits and low glycemic complex sweetness
  • incorporate unrefined and health beneficial oils

Kushi encourages you to visit Farmers Markets for fresh produce.Then get your staples like miso, Tamari gluten-free soy sauce, adzuki beans, sea vegetables, and brown rice from the Natural Food Import store. 

 Kushi's Kitchen offers the following private cooking classes:

Vegan Protein: Tofu, Miso & Tempeh Cuisine

Food Sensitivity Cooking – gluten free cuisine

Vegan Sushi & Vegetable Rolls

Miso Soups For All Seasons

Sugar Free Desserts - Low Fat Cooking

Five-Transformation, Seasonal Whole Foods, Yin/Yang Cooking

Gourmet Cuisine - Holiday cooking

Menopause cooking class - Cooking For Strong Bones, Heart Health

Internal Home Remedies - Foods That Heal

Pickled and Fermented Foods

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Inquire about References - Sample Menus - Quotes
for Private Macrobiotic Cooking Classes

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