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Natural Foods Cooking Classes with Gabriele Kushi -  (dairy free, gluten free, macrobiotic)

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Healing Foods for the Spring Season
Cooking Demo/Taste with Gabriele Kushi  -  March 20, 2019    6:00-8:00 pm     

Location: Mississippi Market Natural Foods Co-op, 500 West 7th St., St. Paul, MNInfo 651-690-0507 

 Registration $40 member $35 Minimum 5 people 

Living and eating in harmony with nature is an important part of everyone’s daily health care. As each season approaches, we need to know which changes to make in our natural food selections and choices in order to best adapt to the season. In this class you will learn the foods and cooking methods that are best used for the spring season and that support the liver/gallbladder energy that correlates to the upward moving energy of the spring. Vegan, Gluten Free, Macrobiotic.

Healing with Food™ - Private Events

with Gabriele Kushi

Cooking Classes, VIP Days, Chef Services and Lectures

Enjoy Healing with Food™ Private Events with Gabriele Kushi and get all your questions answered. She will demonstrate how easy it is to include natural foods dishes into your lifestyle. Complementary yin-yang teachings and Healing with Food™ tips will revamp and strengthen your desire for good food. Enjoy the taste of delicious natural foods dishes and receive recipes and lots of inspiration for your kitchen and home-cooked meal. Enjoy yoga asanas and meditation that inspire you to live a balanced wellness lifestyle.

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Gabriele Kushi, BFA, MEA, CHC, AADP, weaves her studies of macrobiotics, yoga and indigenous healing into her work. Her books The Macrobiotic Kitchen in Ten Easy Steps (with Michio Kushi) and Embracing Menopause Naturally, as well as numerous Natural Foods Cooking DVDs and her Long-Distance Study Programs and Private Counseling Sessions are available at

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Cooking Class Videos to easily download to your computer: Gabriele Kushi will deepen your understanding about the foods that can heal youu

Free recipes and articles with Kushi's Kitchen seasonal E-News

Her book specially for woman of all ages with over 40 natural foods recipes: “Embracing Menopause Naturally”

Gabriele's book with Michio Kushi "The Macrobiotic Kitchen in Ten Easy Steps"

Macrobiotic quality food visit Kushi's Kitchen Natural Food Store and get miso, Tamari (a gluten-free soy-sauce), kudzu, adzuki beans, sea vegetables and more.

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"The Macrobiotic Kitchen in Ten Easy Steps is the definitive guide to healthful eating. Engaging and clearly written, it shows step by step how to transition to a new way of thinking about food. It will change your life." 
Neal D.Barnard, MD


Gabriele's book "Embracing Menopause Naturally is a beautiful, useful and inspiring companion during the menopausal transition." Christiane Northrup, MD



Long-distance Wellness Programs,Cooking Programs & Cooking Videos help you to be more self-reliant by choosing the right natural foods for your goals and sustain conscious lifestyle choices.


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