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Nutrition and Science

Why is what we eat important?


  1. Scientists agree that refined food is a factor in most of the major diseases in western society.
  2. The National Cancer Institute estimates that our western diet is responsible for 35% or more of all cancer in the U.S. Only tobacco, responsible for about 30% of cancers, approaches the impact of diet.
  3. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine estimates that 65-90% of all premature deaths in the united states are related to improper food and tobacco use.
  4. Studies have shown that the right diet not only can prevent heart disease, but is also an effective means of treating it


We all know that the food we eat and the lifestyle we choose affects our health. Scientific researchers have proved this to us for decades, and our own experience tells us so. In macrobiotics, we follow the rhythm of the seasons and the natural healing processes in harmony with nature’s movement.

Many people have given testimonials of how they healed breast cancer, Crohn’s disease, and other illnesses with macrobiotic diets, specially designed for them. In 2000, an important study of alternative treatments used by cancer patients reported unconventional treatments, including macrobiotics, effective in reducing stress, minimizing discomforts, and giving patients a sense of control. (Sparber, A., Et Al. “Use Of Complementary Medicine By Adult Patients Participating In Cancer Clinical Trials.” Oncology Nurses Forum 2000. 27(4):623–630).

Further Studies:

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Recommended Books:

Brown, Virginia, and Susan Stayman. Macrobiotic Miracle: How a Vermont Family Overcame Cancer. Tokyo: Japan Publications, 1984. [recovery from malignant melanoma, Stage IV]

Fawcett, Ann, and Cynthia Smith, compilers. Cancer-Free: 30 Who Triumphed over Cancer Naturally. New York: Japan Publications, 1991. [account of Kit Kitatani, a United Nations administrator from Japan who had untreatable stomach cancer]

Kohler, Jean, and Mary Alice Kohler. Healing Miracles from Macrobiotics: A Diet for All Seasons. New York: Parker, 1979. [recovery from terminal pancreatic cancer]


Scientific Advisor to Kushi's Kitchen is Dr. Lawrence H. Kushi

Lawrence H. Kushi, ScD, is Director of Scientific Policy, Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente. Internationally recognized for his expertise in nutritional epidemiology, Dr. Kushi’s research interests have focused on the role of food and nutrition in the development and prognosis of breast and other cancers.  He has led several research grants from the National Institutes of Health.  Dr. Kushi is also is the second son of Michio and Aveline Kushi, the foremost proponents of macrobiotics and leaders in the development and acceptance of unconventional and lifestyle approaches to cancer.  To see a list of some of his publications in medical journals, please click here.

Read the article:
Macrobiotics: A Diet for a Healthy and Peaceful World.

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