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                  Health Coaching
with Gabriele Kushi

Did you know
that meeting with a Health Coach has been shown to help individuals save money on everything from clothes to food to insurance to medical bills and even medicine? Further, being healthy is more likely to help individuals make more money than their unhealthy peers.  (Study: The Effects of Exercise on Earnings / 5 Surprising Ways Being Fit Saves You Money)

  • I will inspire and educate you as you transition and grow beyond old eating and lifestyle patterns. 
  • I will support you, as you to make simple but powerful lifestyle adjustments step-by-healthy step. 
  • You will realize improved health, greater enjoyment from eating, and the confidence that comes from knowing how.
  • You get personalize health-supportive foods specific to your goals and for all social situations
  • We will figure out binge triggers and disarm them
    To see if these lifestyle changes are right for you request your free complimentary session with Gabriele.

More resources for you:

My New Book in English: "The Macrobiotic Kitchen in 10 Easy Steps" ( also available in German)

Book: Embracing Menopause Naturally (Square One Publishers, NY)

Cooking Class Videos to download: Easily study eleven macrobiotic food groups with lifestyle suggestions. The videos are 30-40 minute long and contain 3-4 in detail explained recipes for your view and are available to download to your device immediately.

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