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Aveline Kushi Peace Foundation

The Aveline Kushi Kushi Peace Foundation is founded in honor of the work and spirit of Macrobiotic and Natural Food Pioneer Aveline Kushi, and to further the teachings of the macrobiotic way of life for personal and planetary health and peace.


The purpose of the AVELINE KUSHI PEACE FOUNDATION is to create and promote macrobiotic educational opportunities worldwide – including developing countries - to restore indigenous cultures and their traditional spiritual, dietary, herbal, and healing practices, to re-introduce traditional ways of eating, including food preservation and food processing, as well as local sustainable agriculture, to further a harmonious peaceful and natural world.


The fundamental teaching of macrobiotics is to embrace traditional ways of living and eating in harmony with nature to further personal and planetary health and peace.

Macrobiotics, a Greek word meaning "long life" is associated worldwide with living and eating in harmony with nature. The macrobiotic philosophy embraces the 5000-year-old Eastern philosophy of yin and yang and it's five-element and transformation theory. Eastern medicine comes to us as an ancient art and science that is valid and especially useful in today’s world. The macrobiotic philosophy also embraces awareness for the natural cycles and calls for involving oneself and our loved ones in the art of harmonious peaceful living.

We all know that the food we choose to eat and the lifestyle we lead affects our health and wellbeing. Scientific researchers have proved this to us for decades, and our own experience tells us so. In macrobiotics, we follow the rhythm of the seasons and our own natural healing processes in harmony with the movement of the universe.

Aveline Kushi's Life

Tomoko Kushi was born on February 27th, 1923 in the small mountainous town of Yokota in Shimane Prefecture, Japan, into a family of 13 siblings. She was the third eldest daughter. Tomoko inherited her father’s samurai determination and, at the end of World War II actively pursued the cause of world peace, which led her to macrobiotic leader and philosopher, George Ohsawa.

George Ohsawa published the World Government Newsletter and actively corresponded with peace activists around the world. One of the contributors to the newsletter was Michio Kushi who, at the time, was studying at Columbia University in New York. Tomoko wished to meet him, and so George helped arrange her travel to the US and gave her the English name Aveline.

Aveline arrived in the United States in 1952 and soon married Michio. Together they had five children Lily, Norio, Haruo-Larry, Phiya, and Hisao. The Kushi family moved to the Boston area in 1964 and from there established a community that helped spread not only macrobiotics, but also launched the natural and organic foods industry with the creation of Erewhon Natural Foods - the first Natural Food Store in the US. Through Erewhon, she encouraged many farmers to grow organic whole foods, including many of the grains and beans available in many grocery stores today. Some of her life’s work included the promotion of cultural exchange between Japan the U.S. and Europe. She introduced many things to the West such as Aikido, Noh, futon making and traditional Japanese foods such as tofu and miso.

For nearly forty years Aveline taught countless cooking classes, wrote many books with others and inspired thousands to improve their health and life through better eating. She traveled the world; spreading the message of peace and macrobiotics to everyone she met. Due to her extremely active and exhaustive lifestyle, as well as her upbringing around poisonous dyes, her youth weakness, and her proximity to the atomic bomb during WW II, later fell ill and eventually passed away on July 3 of 2001 at the age of 79 years.

Her dream lives on through the work of her countless students. Many of her students have successful businesses in the natural food and futon fields. She authored and co-authored 27 books to further the studies of macrobiotics, including The Complete Guide to Macrobiotic Cooking (1985).

Aveline Kushi’s macrobiotic teachings together with her husband Michio Kushi acted as a catalyst for the acceptance of alternative and complementary medicine when the Kushi Institute USA, the premier center for macrobiotic learning, was founded in the late seventies. 

The Smithsonian Institution recognized Aveline and Michio Kushi’s contributions to the evolution of modern society when it archived documents and artifacts related to their work in the Michio and Aveline Kushi Family Collection at The National Museum of American History in Washington DC, USA.

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