"Embracing Life Naturally"   


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The Macrobiotic Kitchen 

The Macrobiotic Kitchen Includes

Health promoting foods - all natural and fresh

Local and seasonal

Worldwide traditional healing foods

Organic and Non-GMO (hopefully more and more available)

No MSG or other artificial flavors, no artificial color and no preservatives

Dairy free

Refined sugar-free

Healthy vegetable fat

Environment friendly and sustainable

No animal cruelty

Vegan if health allowing


The Macrobiotic Kitchen is known for these benefits:

Cancer inhibition

Blood pressure balancing

Cholesterol harmonizing

Cardio-vascular health encouraging

Blood sugar level sustaining

Health promoting

Gracefully Maturing

Weight maintenance

Glowing personality

Macrobiotics: A Diet for a Healthy and Peaceful World.

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Embracing Menopause Naturally
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