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Personal Chef Services and Traveling to location Services

Gabriele Kushi offers natural whole foods personal chef services with
an attention to the nouvelle cuisine of fine arts cooking throughout the world since the early eighties.

Gabriele is an internationally known expert in the traditional eastern medicine rooted approach to using food as medicine a/k/a the Macrobiotic System. She holds a category 4 Macrobiotic certification as a Teacher, Chef and Counselor for all health conditions.

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Gabriele Kushi specializes in fresh, healthy, delicious and organic meals that accommodate nutritional needs. Her menus include healthy low fats, no sugar or other refined foods. She implements a multitude of whole grains (gluten free upon request), legumes, beans, bean products root and round vegetables,sea vegetables, fermented foods, fruits, mushrooms, seed, and nuts, in a variety of enticing ways. Her seasonings are first grade and she uses organic and traditionally made foods that come from local and sustainable sources and gardens.

Besides her delicious whole foods vegan dishes, Gabriele prepares upon request, a variety of savory entrees with fresh wild fish, flavored with mouth-watering wine sauces. She also offers a wide range of traditional First People and Native American cuisine.

Gabriele Kushi expends every effort to provide the finest quality and best tasting meals.

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