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Embracing Menopause Naturally

A Guide to Balancing your Midlife Transition with Macrobiotics.

Stories, Portraits, and Recipes.
By Gabriele Kushi

The book Embracing Menopause Naturally is a true companion for any woman who wants to nurture her own spiritual growth, adopt a natural foods diet, and enjoy good health throughout the midlife years and beyond.

We are all too familiar with symptoms: hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, irritability, sleeplessness, and more. While menopause triggers many physical and emotional changes, it also brings forth spiritual issues that, for many women, mark a redefinition of the feminine self. To address the total impact of menopause, Gabriele Kushi has created a supportive, practical, and personal guide to dealing with this time in a woman's life.

The author first provides a clear understanding of the overall process of menopause, from biological changes to emotional and spiritual challenges. She then goes on to offer research-based nutritional guidelines that can help relieve and overcome menopausal symptoms, as well as healthful kitchen-tested recipes based on a natural foods diet. However, it is the stories and portraits of twenty menopausal women that are at the heart and soul of the book. In their own words, these beautiful women share their diverse experiences with the reader. They relate their backgrounds, discuss their symptoms, as well as what they did to alleviate them. Some turned to their traditional cultural rituals for affirmation of this phase of life, while others sought alternative or conventional medicine. The reader learns how the passage affected each woman's quality of life and how she ultimately expressed her new self.

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Einfuehrung in die makrobiotische Kueche in 10 leichten Schritten. 

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Gabriele Kushi is a certified macrobiotic health and wellness educator, counselor, and cooking teacher. For more than thirty years, she has helped people from all over the world and all walks of life become healthier and more self-reliant by choosing natural foods and sustainable lifestyles. She has published numerous articles on healing with natural foods, and has spoken about macrobiotics on radio talk shows. She is a member of the Macrobiotic Educators Association and serves on the advisory board of Earth Save International. Gabriele also holds a BFA in photography, and her fine art has been exhibited in Minnesota. She teaches in Germany and the United States.

 Embracing Menopause Naturally

A true companion for any woman to nurture her spiritual and emotional growth, learn about newest research, gain valuable insight through women’s personal stories and try easy and yummy recipes.






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