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The 10-Session Wellness Training Program                   

The 10-session Wellness Program is a training for people that seek well rounded and amazing wellness results.

It is the best option for lasting lifestyle changes.

This program also provides quality education for professionals in the wellness field.  

The 1O-Session Wellness Training includes:

  • Introduction to the 10-Macrobiotic Natural and Whole Food Groups; one food group per session with recipes and study handouts send to your e-mail for each session.

  • 10-private one-hour sessions with Gabriele Kushi that are held approximately every 2 weeks via phone (or Skype when available). This program is tailored to your schedule.

  • During each sessions with Gabriele you are able to get all your questions regarding your cooking practice and studies answered. Gabriele will discuss your progress and on how to best reach your goals. 

  • For each session Gabriele will send via e-mail out Natural Food Cooking Class Videos to download to your computer or phone

  • For each session Gabriele will send out via e-mail Holistic Lifestyle Handouts and study materials concerning healthy food choices and sustainable lifestyle solutions
  • Natural food guidelines, pyramids, and the macrobiotic plate 

  • Nutritional, alternative, and holistic research material

  • Studies of the Macrobiotic yin yang system, the 5-Energy Transformation Theory and the 5 Elements

  • Optional Studies to choose from: the Ayurvedic Dosha System, the Metabolic Type, the Blood Type, or Yoga therapy

  • Unlimited E-mail support during the duration of your program

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    Recommended but not included in the 10-session program are Gabriele Kushi's Books: 

 The Macrobiotic Kitchen in Ten Easy Steps

Embracing Menopause Naturally (with over 40 natural foods recipes)


Click to view how to easily make your own Tofu Cheese.
With the enzymatic power of miso this Tofu Cheese provides an easy to digest complete vegan protein. Eat it on a slice of cucumber, on a sandwich, or with whole grains and vegetables.

Click and download to your computer the complete cooking class video: 
Fermented Vegetables and Pickles with Gabriele Kushi 


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"The Macrobiotic Kitchen in Ten Easy Steps is the definitive guide to healthful eating. Engaging and clearly written, it shows step by step how to transition to a new way of thinking about food. It will change your life."
Neal D.Barnard, MD

Gabriele's book "Embracing Menopause Naturally is a beautiful, useful and inspiring companion during the menopausal transition." Christiane Northrup, MD

Long-distance Wellness Programs,Cooking Programs & Cooking Videos help you to be more self-reliant by choosing the right natural foods for your goals and sustain conscious lifestyle choices.




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