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After a 25-year gap from studying macrobiotics, I was fortunate to discover Gabriele Kushi and take advantage of her incredible storehouse of knowledge. She offers a very comprehensive, detailed program to allow the student to progress at his/her own speed. Prior to each session, she emailed an incredible selection of appropriate materials, in my cases on, vegetables, grains, beans, root vegetables and sea vegetables. She also included a vast array of materials about life-style suggestions and aids to help me process all the changes I was making. Her teaching style is a rare combination of great precision and organization, yet nurturing support of the student. The program was challenging and very worthwhile. With Ms. Kushi’s support I was able to re-establish my practice and empowered to seek out other resources to continue my study. I am particularly appreciative that she recognized that my needs were pretty unique and she adapted her program to help me learn at my own pace. All of this was accomplished over the phone, through videos and e-mails. I would welcome the opportunity to study with this master and gifted teacher in person. Charles R. NYC


"Gabriele Kushi carries with her the light of her teachers, that of traditional macrobiotics woven with an expansive knowledge of other cultures and philosophies. Her 6-month program has truly been a wonderful gift. She’s been a valuable “health coach,” guiding me toward more healthful changes in my food, cooking and lifestyle ... and in a much more gentle manner than I normally do for myself. Gabriele also possesses a keen intuition and unique blend of structure and flexibility—critical skills when coaching a menopausal woman over a six-month time frame!"

Lisa Solwold, Minnesota

"During the menopausal years it is essential to evaluate and consider lifestyle choices and make necessary changes. With so much information from so many sources it can often be difficult to discern the right choices and then even more daunting to make them happen. Through her 6-month program, Gabriele brings a wealth of valuable knowledge about nutrition and lifestyle to foster a new healthy way to live through this time of transition and beyond. Gabriele provides a foundation on which to build change through excellent information, one-on-one guidance, targeted solutions and encouragement. Her work is powerful but gentle. And, most important, it is truly transformative.

Michelle E. Minneapolis, MN Artist

In April of last year, I realized it was time to clean up my diet. A number of health problems prompted me to look into Macrobiotics. I had tried to shift my eating to this diet years ago, but failed. I wanted to try again, but wasn’t sure where to begin. I bought a few books and ended up taking a Miso soup class with Gabriele Kushi. Gabriele was fun and made creating delicious Miso soups look so easy. I talked to her afterward, and found out she offered Nutritional Counseling Programs and that we could work together to set up a program that worked for me. I had a free initial consultation where I brought my questions, and a small hope beginning to grow, that maybe, just maybe, I really could make this change.

I signed up for the 12-session study program with Gabriele Kushi and it has been exactly what I needed. We meet every other week, with videos and email support keeping me on track. With Gabriele’s support and vast knowledge of macrobiotics, I slowly began to change my eating. I began introducing greens into my diet and preparing recipes from Gabriele that were healthy and satisfying. Gabriele helped me to learn about and prepare and eat fresh, natural whole foods. As I introduced these foods into my daily eating, I ate less of the processed fast foods that most of my diet had consisted of. Soon I was preparing more varieties of foods and learning to eat them consciously.

I grew up in a family of guys, and we all ate like lumberjacks practically swallowing our food whole. But the way I was eating was making me sick with arthritis, high cholesterol and migraines. As I continued to learn from Gabriele, the foods that were making me sick became obvious and I eliminated them. She encouraged me when I got discouraged and overwhelmed, and I learned to keep working on it.

Four months later I have normal cholesterol, far fewer migraines and my arthritis feels manageable. I’ve lost on average two pounds a month without dieting. I have so much more energy and clarity. With Gabriele’s help and guidance, healthy whole foods have become the center of my diet and lifestyle and this way of life has become my new ‘normal’. I look forward to continuing to work with her for additional support and learning and am grateful to have her as my teacher and counselor.

Cindy Lehman, Intuitive/Teacher, Minnesota. www.cindylehman.com


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