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Cooking Testimonials

Gabriele’s Macrobiotic cooking class was a wonderful introduction to the world of macrobiotics. Gabriele is very knowledgeable and the atmosphere very calming. The recipe choices were nicely applicable to the season, and options and suggestions were given. And the food was so tasty.”

Kim Balcos, Minnesota

“Gabriele what a wonderful class you teach with ease, knowledge and grace. The food looked beautiful and tasted delicious. The energy of your class is creative, fun and inviting. It was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to my next adventure with your class.”

Namaste Sharon Peters, Minnesota

“Gabriele gave excellent instructions with a wealth of knowledge about the history of macrobiotics and the way to cook for today.”

Nancy Shifflet, Minnesota

“I can see Gabriele enjoys her cooking with a lighthearted flare, and so did I. She is funny, interesting and incredibly knowledgeable. And oh, the food tastes so good. I learned a lot. I’ve been into macrobiotics to varying degrees for many years…yet I went deeper.”

Joel Peters, Minnesota

“I give an A+ for this informal, relaxed class on the basics of macrobiotic cooking. It was extremely helpful to see the food being cooked and the end product - which we ate - was fantastic.”

Mari Hamilton, Minnesota

"Gabriele Kushi’s excellent food is creative, tasty and well balanced." 

                                         Steve Raitt, Studio Artist

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