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Gabriele Kushi is a world renown author, macrobiotic counselor and natural whole foods cooking teacher. 

She offers worldwide Online Cooking Classes
as well as 
Cooking Classes in Minneapolis and NYC and classes while Traveling.

Experience her powerful benefits of a truly balanced lifestyle with seasonal foods. At Gabriele Kushi's cooking classes you will learn:

  • Clarification on how to cook natural foods the macrobiotic way
  • How to prepare whole grains the right way
  • Take the green leafy vegetables challenge
  • Embrace mineral and vitamin rich vegetables from sea and land
  • Include seeds, nuts, beans, and legumes and feel comfortable that you get enough "protein" if you are vegan
  • Prepare your desserts with local fruits and low glycemic complex sweetness 
  • Incorporate unrefined and health beneficial oils, and more

Gabriele loves to visit the local Farmers Markets for her fresh produce.

She gets her staples like Miso, Tamari, Adzuki Beans, Sea Vegetables, and Brown Rice from Natural Import.

For a successful Cooking Program Gabriele suggests the following:

Book: The Book of Macrobiotics: The Universal Way of Health, Happiness & Peace, and Michio Kushi.


You can also study with Gabriele via her Long-Distance Wellness Programs with personal sessions via phone or Skype


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