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   Yoga Therapy and Meditation Session with Gabriele Kushi

Gabriele provides gentle, nurturing, slow-paced relaxing sessions, structured for wellness and rejuvenation with emphasis on breath-work and meditation while releasing stress and tension from joints and muscles. Sessions are for people new to yoga, as well as advanced practitioners. 
No prior yoga experience needed.

Yoga Therapy and Meditation Session with Gabriele Kushi  

Sessions may include some of the following depending on your goals:

personalized gentle movement (Hatha Yoga),
breathing techniques (Pranayama),
audible/mental chanting (Mantras),
symbolic hand gesture (Mudras),
visualization, focus (Drishti),
restfulness (Yoga Nidra),
meditation (Dhyana),
cleansing (Shat Kriya/Dinacharia),
kitchen remedies,
education on essential oils, stones, roots or wood malas 

Gabriele is creating a space for you where you can pause, breath and connect to your body, mind and emotion. You might be standing or do movement on the floor, or on a yoga mat. She will individually modify to meet your level and ability.

Gabriele offers Gentle Yoga Classes on Mondays from 9:30-10:30 am for Members of the Guilda Cancer Center in Minneapolis.


Gabriele Kushi, BFA, MEA, HC, AADP is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, a certified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist, as well as a certified Macrobiotic counselor and cooking instructor. She is the author of The Macrobiotic Kitchen in 10 Easy Steps (with Michio Kushi), Embracing Menopause Naturally, and many Natural Foods Cooking DVDs.  

Gabriele weaves her extensive studies of macrobiotic, yoga, and her healing work with Native American medicine women and indigenous healers worldwide into her work. She received the 2009 Aveline Kushi Award for her 40+ years of dedication and work in macrobiotics.
Gabriele offers Programs and sessions worldwide via Skype/Phone and has a studio in Minneapolis and NYC.


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