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"Cooking classes are a great Gift that will enhance your happiness," said New York Best-Selling Author of THRIVE - FINDING HAPPINESS THE BLUE ZONES WAY- Dan Buettner to Oprah. 


Gabriele Kushi takes the mystery out of whole foods cooking. You will experience the powerful benefits of a truly balanced lifestyle. You will learn how to create balanced dishes and meals and taste her delicious creations of Yin - Yang balanced meals! 

At Gabriele Kushi's cooking classes and workshops you will learn: 

  1. How to prepare Whole Grains the right way 
  2. Take the Green Leafy Vegetables challenge 
  3. Embrace mineral and vitamin rich Vegetables from Sea and Land 
  4. Include Seeds, Nuts, Beans, and Legumes and feel comfortable that you get enough "protein" if you are vegan 
  5. Prepare your desserts with local Fruits and low glycemic complex Sweetness 
  6. Incorporate unrefined and health beneficial Oils
  7. Cooking instructions, food tasting, recipes, study materials and teachings on primary and secondary food, tutorials, case studies, and more that support further education and support you towards your goal of leading a health supportive natural food lifestyle.
  8. Class materials are being sent out via emails before and after class, Print them out, gather in a 3-ring folder, and bring to class.
  9. Support: Blood type, Ayurveda dosha, Macrobiotic Yin-Yang, buddy system.
  10. Classes are Plant based - Vegan - Macrobiotic - Seasonal - Gluten Conscious 


Gabriele loves to visit the local Farmers Markets and Coop's for her fresh produce, and gets her staples like Miso, Tamari, Adzuki Beans, Sea Vegetables, and Brown Rice from Natural Import.

Session schedule:  I understand that you have a busy schedule and I pride myself on not keeping you waiting and not keeping you longer than planned. Your session will end 2 hours after it was scheduled to begin. If you are not able to attend the session—you can find a friend who is able to sit in for you. Please give me at least 24-hour notice with the name of the person who is sitting in for you. At any case you will still receive the handouts for the session and can catch up with everybody. You can also talk with your buddy about the missed class. 



Please fill in the form below to be added to her class lists. Her classes are offered in Minneapolis and NYC. You can also study with Gabriele via her Longdistance Home Study Programs with personal sessions on phone or skype, or download her cooking class DVD's here.

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